Commercial Strength Garage FX® Epoxy & Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

Garage Experts offers a wide variety of Commercial Epoxy & Polyaspartic floor coatings for virtually any application.

Durable Finishes That Hold Up To The Harsh Conditions

Garage FX® Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings are bright, easy to clean, durable, customizable to fit any brand standard, and compliant with all worker safety regulations.

Commercial Applications

Are heavy traffic, oil, dirt, or cleaning products like detergents, turpentine and more a concern? We use superior products and installation techniques. Our epoxy floor coatings provide more than just a tough finish; when applied correctly by your local GarageExperts they actually wick into the concrete creating a tenacious bite that resists ugly and frustrating pealing and cracking.

We Have An Option For You

We understand that selecting the appropriate flooring can be difficult, but our GarageExperts staff are here to help you find the right flooring option to fit your space. GarageExperts offers a wide variety of commercial floor coatings to fit any floor type. We can apply virtually any coating system to fir your particular requirements, and budget.

Flooring That’s Installed To Last

Our commercial concrete floor coating systems come in a wide range of styles to meet the tastes and needs of our customers. Built on a foundation of strength that starts with our proprietary formula that wicks deep into the concrete floor.

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    Increased Business

    Customers and clients will enjoy thier experience in your space, and in return create a more profitable business. You have creative control and the power to turn your space into something that stands out. Out variety of epoxy flooring finishes allow you to make a space that is uniquely your own.

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    Crack and Joint Repair

    One of the keys to a long-lasting epoxy floor is proper preparation and attention to flaws in the original surface. We prepare the concrete by grinding the surface and repair any open cracks, joints or surface imperfections with our Crack Weld epoxy repair product, which was specifically designed for the treatment of concrete cracks.

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    Maintenance Free

    Scuffs and stains will be a thing of the past. Enjoy an easy to clean surface that leaves your commercial space looking prestine.

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    No Peeling or Flaking

    GarageExperts epoxy flooring systems are built on our direct-to-concrete epoxy that wicks deep into the concrete, and bonds so well that you can expect to get over 8lbs of moisture vapor emission-blocking power. With up to 3 times more adhesion than other epoxy and polyasparitic coatings, they will not peel or flake – period!

We are so confident in the quality of our products and training, that we back all GarageExperts products with a lifetime warranty.

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Each GarageExperts franchisee is factory trained to correctly install epoxy garage flooring and cabinets that will transform your garage into a long-lasting organized and usable space.