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Each Garage Experts™ franchise is factory trained to professionally install epoxy garage flooring and garage cabinets. Rest assured that you are hiring an expert when you use the Garage Experts storage solutions in your garage space. You will get a clear and concise estimate on the spot that shows how your garage flooring and custom garage cabinets will look using 3-D technology. Best of all, the epoxy garage flooring and custom garage cabinets come with a lifetime warranty.

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The Experts are changing the way you look at garage floors and storage

Garage Flooring Imagine an attractive garage that is not only beautiful but is functional. Well that is what Garage Experts™ will do for you. Simply put, we are the Garage Experts™. Our Garage Experts™ professionals are installing top of the line garage flooring and garage storage cabinets every day. In fact, the Epoxy / Polyurea Garage Floor Coating we install can be found on millions of square feet of concrete garage floors without failures. That is why Garage Experts™ offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of the Epoxy Garage Concrete Floor Coatings we install. The Urethane and Polyurea Topcoats we offer will make your concrete garage floor easy to clean and maintain while enhancing the lighting and leave you free from worry about stains or spills.

Garage CabinetsNext, you can keep that beautiful floor uncluttered by having our Garage Experts™ professionals design and build your Custom Garage Storage Cabinets. Your garage will be designed using our Garage Makeover Software so you can see a 3-D rendering of how beautiful your garage will look. Our Garage Storage Cabinets are designed for the garage. Engineered for strength and beauty, these Storage Cabinets provide ample Storage Space for your items, while being able to withstand the harsh elements found in a typical garage. From European Hardware to Industrial grade material, you can expect these Garage Storage Cabinets to last a lifetime. You will also be glad to know that Garage Experts™ provides a Lifetime Warranty on all of the Garage Storage Cabinets installed.

Garage Storage Solutions And if you are still running out of room for storage, our Garage Experts™ professionals can provide you with Overhead Ceiling Storage (Lifetime Warranty) and Slat-wall Storage. We take space that is typically unused and turn it in to a Storage Dream. Our Garage Experts™ professionals can install an 8’ x 4’ Ceiling Rack in a few hours and it will be able to hold up to 600 Lbs of weight. And let’s not forget about that bare wall, the Garage Experts™ professionals will install a custom Slat Wall that matches the color of your cabinets. This system also provides over 10 different hooks, shelves and baskets that mount to the wall and can be easily moved by you as your needs change. With all of the Storage Cabinets, Ceiling Racks and Wall Racks that Garage Experts™ installs, you should be able to get rid of that storage unit you have probably been renting to store all of your garage stuff. And don’t forget that you will probably have less dust now that your garage floor has been coated with our Epoxy and Urethane / Polyurea Garage Concrete Floor Coating.

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Call your local Garage Experts™ franchise to receive a quick professional estimate. Our estimates are done using proprietary CAD software and we are able to customize your garage to show you a 3-D graphic of it at the time of estimate. Our pledge to you is that we will show up on time and provide you with a professional estimate on the spot. We will have real samples for you to view and be courteous at all times. Garage Experts™, a national brand you can trust!