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  • Owners Mark and Shelly Long

    What I find about GarageExperts® most personally fulfilling is the ability to transform their garage or their outdoor living space into something they use and they love. If you look at all the different opportunities out there to own your own business the reason why you’d want to go with a franchise and franchise ownership is because of all of the support that you get from everyone around you. That’s the number one reason why we selected GarageExperts®. The ownership, the flexibility, calling the shots, being my own boss, hiring and being a part of the process. If ever you were on the fence about deciding on whether to go to franchise or start your own business, or which one to do, I’m here to tell you: this is the one for you!

    Shelly Long - Southwest, MO
  • Owner Ryan Burke

    So, usually if you’re in a business everyday, you don’t really produce something. At GarageExperts®, when you’re done with an install, you’ve really changed something for that customer and they’re very happy with the change. It’s really fulfilling and rewarding to run my own business. At the end of the day, you are tired, but you had a really successful day and you help people really improve their lives.

    Ryan Burke - Brevard County, FL

    I love leaving behind a product that will outlast me. It’s been most fulfilling to be a GarageExperts® franchisee because I get to set my own schedule, manage my own accounting, have a crew and make a difference in other people’s lives that work for me. It’s been an excellent experience.

    Peter Barkann - Northern California
  • Owner Joe Decaro

    There’s a great deal of satisfaction involved with seeing the job through to fruition and seeing the customers extremely satisfied with the end product. It makes them happy and it makes me happy. It’s a company that really is focused on the success of the franchisee, which ultimately makes everybody win. We see a very progressive attitude in a company that is willing to embrace change and help us succeed.

    Joe Decaro - Western PA
  • Owner Paul Schultheis

    Like, we go into people’s homes. So being able to transform that for people is a pretty rewarding thing… it really is.

    Paul Schultheis - Central Valley, CA
  • Owners Ben and Britney Belk

    Genuinely, I just love when customers are so pleased with a fully functioning garage that they did not have a week prior. It is very rewarding. It’s very fun as well. GarageExperts® has been a great platform corporately to provide us the opportunity to go out and be entrepreneurs and get in front of customers and sell and enjoy owning our own small business while they're handling all the hard stuff. I really enjoy walking up to a total stranger’s house and garage and chatting with them about what they need for their life. I really get great enjoyment from meeting with people and discussing those things.

    Ben Belk - North Houston, TX
  • Owners Randal and Alicia Herring

    We chose GarageExperts® just because the branding was great. It looked like we had a great support system. You have great partners in GarageExperts® and in the vendors that we use to be able to support our installations. We really enjoy being a franchise owner.

    Alicia Herring - Chattahoochee Valley, GA