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Creative Garage Storage Ideas for Holiday Decorations

Avoid the Headaches of Holiday Decorating

Whether you’re starting to dust off your decorations and sifting through boxes of ornaments, lights, and wreaths or working to store it away for off-season, you are likely thinking about a better way to organize your holiday boxes. Although the holidays are generally a time for celebration and happiness, lugging unorganized bins of random holiday decorations out of your attic or garage and having to untangle endless strings of lights or clean up broken glass ornaments can be a headache-inducing experience.

At least while you’re setting up your decorations, you have something to look forward to as you decorate your Charlotte home or business for the holidays. The real frustration begins when it’s all finally over and it’s time to take down and disassemble your decorations and put them into storage. Cramming wreaths, lights, and ornaments into miscellaneous bins will only increase your anger when the holidays inevitably arrive once again, and the whole process must be repeated.

Making sure your decorations are readily accessible for the holidays can help streamline your experience and make it much less frustrating overall. Luckily, the professionals at GarageExperts of Charlotte can provide you with solutions for your garage storage needs. Our customizable cabinets and slatwall organization systems can help you avoid a headache this holiday season by getting your holiday decorations tidied up for years to come.

Creative Ways to Organize Your Holiday Decorations

There is an endless amount of creative DIY methods for organizing your holiday decorations. Many of them involve simple, cheap items that you might already have lying around the house. These tips can help you take your holiday decorations from being a chaotic mess to being well organized and efficiently stored, saving you storage space and time.

A few of our favorite holiday decoration storage ideas include:

  • Organize ornaments by color in drawers or small bins: Organizing your delicate ornaments by color and into smaller containers will make setting them up easier and more efficient. In addition, by adding some padding such as an old towel or foam, they will be better protected than if they were loosely placed into a larger container.
  • Hang wreaths on hooks on a slatwall system: Utilizing one of our slatwall storage systems, decorative wreaths can easily be hung on hooks and kept out of the way while remaining easy to access.
  • Use egg cartons to protect and organize small decorations: Old egg cartons are a useful and common household item for storing smaller ornaments and decorations and will also help keep them protected from shattering.
  • Wrap strands of lights around coffee cans: Untangling strands of lights is one of the most frustrating parts of decorating for the holidays. Wrapping your lights around some old coffee cans will help keep them organized and make them much easier to unravel and put away when the time comes.
  • Place items on overhead shelves to keep them out of the way: The holidays only come around once per year, and you won’t want to be digging through decorations in July just to try and find something else. If you keep your holiday decorations consolidated to overhead storage bins, they will remain out of the way for the rest of the year while still being relatively easy to access when December comes around again.

These tips are just the beginning of getting your holiday decorations organized. Once you’ve untangled your lights and sorted your ornaments, you still need to find a convenient and orderly place to put everything. That’s where GarageExperts of Charlotte comes in. We have a wide variety of custom garage storage solutions to help you keep your belongings organized.

Custom Cabinets and Slatwall Organization Systems for Your Commercial or Residential Garage

We offer a huge selection of customizable cabinets, and slatwall options to help you optimize the space in your Charlotte garage. With our products, you won’t have to worry about not being able to fit your car into the garage or not being able to find what you’re looking for because of clutter.

Our products stand out because:

  • We use advanced software to create a 3-D rendering of your custom garage build
  • Our materials are American-made and sourced sustainably from North American forests
  • We use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery to make precise measurements within a fraction of a millimeter, ensuring a perfect fit for your garage
  • We always keep an extensive inventory of products on-hand, reducing wait times
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on our products and services

Our cabinets and other products also come in a wide variety of colors, so you can achieve the exact look you want. They’re durable, easy to clean, can withstand heavy loads, and come with European-style hinges for a clean, concealed look. Once you have your holiday decorations properly organized, you can conveniently store them with our custom garage storage cabinets. Our experts in Charlotte can help you design your dream garage to your exact specifications. Additionally, we offer a variety of durable floor protection services for residential, industrial, and commercial spaces. Our epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings come in a diverse array of colors and are made to last.

We’d love to discuss how we can serve you. Call us today at (704) 870-4309 to find out more about our garage storage and flooring solutions.