Help Keep The House Clean

garage storage

How do you help keep your house clean? It starts with the garage. When you walk on bare concrete, micro-abrasions cause concrete dust to coat the surface of things in your garage, resulting in dusty cars and a dirty entryway into your home. From the garage, everything will be brought into your home where it will stay until it gets thoroughly cleaned.

There is also the dirt that gets tracked in by sports equipment and bags every day. No matter what the sport, from football to golf, it can be difficult to find a good place to store your equipment since it can get in the way.

Also, with the rain and snow season well under way, shoes and coats can be your enemy when trying to keep the inside of your home clean and sanitary. So rather than constantly vacuuming and mopping to clean those dirty floors, GarageExperts® has a solution that is as easy as dropping everything off in a designated spot in the garage.

Utilize our open cabinets with slatwall organization! Through GarageExperts® proprietary 3D rendering software, we will be able to mockup any dream design that you have and build it into reality. Since we manufacture our own quality products, we can custom make our cabinets to fit your home or garage.

So, give your family a designated cubby or coat drop-off area where they can leave their stuff safely in the garage and walk into a clean home.