Vertically Integrated Manufacturing for Better Garage Organization Products

Vertical Integration or VI, is when a manufacturer controls every step of the “value chain.”

Controlling Every Step = Value and Quality

Vertical Integration or VI, means GarageExperts closely monitors and controls the quality and costs of its products at every step, from raw materials to finished product. VI ensures that every GarageExperts installation will not only be a great value today, it will be durable and beautiful for years to come.

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    Development and Testing

    Years of proprietary research and development ensure that our coatings work as promised in real world applications. Ongoing development and testing means that your local GarageExperts have the best products available.

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    Floor Coating Manufacturing

    Our epoxy and polyasparitic concrete floor coating products are manufactured using the 6S or “lean” manufacturing process. 6S ensures that our products are both cost effective and conform to stringent quality control procedures.

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    Cabinet Manufacturing

    All of our cabinets are manufactured using CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant wood panels that are cut on CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery, producing assemblies with tolerances of a fraction of a millimeter. The results are a perfect fit and finish, that’s good for the planet.

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    On-hand Inventory

    Your local GarageExperts get fast access to the materials needed for your job. Over $1,000,000.00 of inventory is kept on hand to produce, in a timely manner, the custom cabinets, floors and other garage storage solutions your job requires.

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    Lifetime Warranty

    It began with our proprietary epoxy that fuses deep into the concrete for a tenacious bond. We are so confident in the quality of our products and training that we back all GarageExperts installations with a lifetime warranty that protects your investment.

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    We are proud to offer low VOC coatings for any concrete flooring application. CARB compliant panels have been used in our cabinets from day one and continue to be used. We are constantly looking for greener ways to accomplish the job, implementing new systems after they prove themselves through vigorous testing.

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    Custom Cabinet Design

    Your local GarageExperts are factory trained to use our proprietary designer software that enables them to “build out” your garage and render a 3-D image. This software allows you and your GarageExperts to move and adjust the layout, in real time, so you know what your garage is going to look like before it is installed.

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    One Purpose

    We strive to become the best garage enhancement company in the country. Our name says it all and our focus is steadfast. When you call for a consultation you are calling an expert who is passionate about what they do, and that passion will show for years to come whenever you enter your garage.