Industrial Grade Strength and Performance

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With the coating market exploding with new installers and retailers daily, it’s important to understand product differences to determine overall performance and durability. Let’s explore why the Garage FX® system is the most dominant system available.

Consumer-grade products available at your local big box stores may be attractive based-on price, but lack aesthetics, durability, and performance. They typically come with a couple pounds of flake leaving the homeowner with an inconsistent, sporadic, and less desirable finish. These products are generally low solids content, meaning that they are composed mainly of added solvents or water depending on whether the product is solvent-based or water-based. This is a recipe for disaster where performance and durability are concerned. Why? As the product cures the added solvents/water evaporate resulting in an extremely thin coating. For example, a product that is 50% solids applied at 5 mils wet film thickness will be 2.5 mils dry film thickness when dry and cured. The Garage FX® system consists of decorative flakes broadcast to rejection, producing a beautiful and consistent finish throughout. Durability and longevity are provided through our high-solids product fusing deep into the concrete creating a tenacious bond with three times the strength of traditional coatings.

Abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance are very important aspects when choosing a coating system to withstand the rigors of any environment. Many competitors will utilize polyaspartic as a topcoat for the glossy protective finish over the decorative flake system, however, not all polyaspartics are created equal. The Garage FX® system utilizes an ultra-high solids polyaspartic topcoat that contains increased cross-linking abilities. The cross-linking delivers increased chemical and abrasion resistance as well as overall toughness of the coating. The ultra-high solids polyaspartic topcoat produces an extremely durable surface with a beautiful reflective, glossy finish that will resist chemicals, abrasion, and UV exposure.

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The Garage FX® system is a true leader that delivers quality, performance, and value, and has been installed on over 40 million square feet nationwide while backed by the industry's best lifetime adhesion warranty.