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Benefits to Maximizing your Residential Garage

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Owning a home can mean taking on remodels to get it the exact way you want it. One room that seems to always be neglected, but provides several opportunities, is the residential garage. From protection to storage, your garage can take your home to the next level. In this blog, we will look at four benefits of maximizing the full potential of your garage.

One major benefit is the protection of your car and other items from the weather. By keeping your automobiles stored in the garage, you are shielding them from year-round extreme elements and weather conditions, extending their life and helping to maintain their market value. An installation of our Garage FX® Flooring can help protect your investments. Our premium coatings can be applied to just about any concrete floor and are built to withstand the toughest conditions and environments.

Another major benefit of utilizing your residential garage is accessibility and convenience to your seasonal items. Have you ever needed to get your fall or holiday decorations out and had issues even finding them in your garage because of so much clutter? Your local GarageExperts® can help! When you schedule a free on-site estimate, GarageExperts® will work with you to design a customizable storage solution that fits your needs and style. With over 12 cabinet colors to choose from, GarageExperts® has a color and style that fits your home.

Organization and style are great, but an even more important benefit to investing in your garage is safety. There is no way around it, when your garage is messy and cluttered, the garage is unsafe. A garage floor littered with items or tools can create safety hazards that can lead to injuries. Get more out of your garage! Utilizing our storage systems can help protect your family members, safeguard investments such as cars and tools, and help prevent accidents such as tripping, items falling on family members, or dents in your cars. To further family-proof your garage, our customizable cabinets can include optional locking doors and drawers.

When a garage has been professionally renovated with custom floors and storage it adds value to the home. It provides a primary function and value to your home over the years. A garage that is easy to clean and low maintenance is a strong selling point for any buyer. Impress them with a professionally organized garage that will blow them away.

The benefits of maximizing your garage go beyond just having extra space for stuff. Take pride and be the talk of your neighborhood with a full residential garage makeover and be sure to choose the best! GarageExperts® is so confident in its products that we back them with a lifetime warranty.

Before and After photo

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