Industrial Strength Epoxy and Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

commercial epoxy and polyaspartic flooring

When it comes to industrial environments the floor coating needs to be able to withstand the rigor and harsh conditions associated with that environment.

The Garage FX® system is composed of industrial-grade products built for strength and durability to be utilized in virtually any application. Increased light reflectivity, worker safety compliance, cleanliness, reduced maintenance, and being environmentally friendly are just a few of the benefits associated with the Garage FX® system in industrial applications.

A critical aspect of any industrial environment is having high visibility in high-traffic areas. The Garage FX® system will increase light reflectivity within the space making it brighter. Decorative flake application will limit liabilities by providing texture and anti-slip properties, preventing accidents and injuries while complying with all worker safety regulations.

The Garage FX® system is far more sanitary compared to other traditional flooring options as the surface is encapsulated preventing any cracks or crevices from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Maintenance is drastically reduced due to the wear and scuff resistance of the coatings which eliminates the need for wax applications, resulting in cost and labor savings.

The Garage FX® products are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and SCAQMD-compliant, containing no heavy or toxic metals. These coatings often qualify as points towards LEED certification in Green and Energy Efficient buildings.

The Garage FX® system can be customized to fit any brand standard, and GarageExperts® can design your industrial space using colors that complement the corporate colors or design scheme of the facility.

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